About Us



At Inspire 2 Learn we want our students to be inspired in a way that ignites their passion for learning and empowers their ability to learn.

The team at Inspire 2 Learn have significant experience in the areas of speech pathology, occupational therapy and educational consultancy. We provide screening, assessment and interventions for children aged 3-18 years with a variety of needs. Following comprehensive assessments, individual educational plans are developed for students in conjunction with parents and schools to ensure each client is supported collectively and educational outcomes are maximised. We also provide consultancy, which personalises curriculum for transference into the mainstream classroom.

Inspire 2 Learn are committed to providing services that are underpinned by the following key principles:


Client centred – Providing services that are personalised to suit the varying needs of our clients, teachers and schools recognising that the goals and needs of every client are different.Inclusive – Understanding that students with learning challenges, a disability or illness can greatly impact on a client’s family, friends, teachers and support staff.

Flexible – Specialising in our respective fields, we are able to work independently as well as collectively as a multi-disciplinary team. Our combined expertise provides unique insight into the needs of a range of learning challenges.

Evidence based practice – To inform intervention and provide platform for delivery.

Measurable and positive change – We use a wide range of measures to assess our client’s needs and outcomes. Positive change is also developed through developing partnerships with parents, teachers and schools.

Inspire 2 Learn favours a collaborative model that builds close ties between parents, teachers and support staff, respecting the breadth of knowledge that can be shared. Working in this way ensures that all staff are involved in the development of suitable strategies to best support the successful learning outcomes of students in the classroom on a day-to-day basis.